The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial was erected in 1965 on the site of the former concentration camp. Despite the original sites, a museum, an archive and a library commemorate the victims of Nazi terror. When Hitler made himself Chancellor in 1933, Heinrich Himmler commissioned the Dachau camp as the first concentration camp in Germany. Commander Theodor Eicke was responsible for managing the camp organization. Consequently, he became the model for all subsequent concentration camps. The words “work makes you free” which can still be seen today on the forged camp gate is one of the most famous slogans. Accordingly, they convey the attitude of Nazi propaganda which was used to gloss over the concert ration camps as instruments of work and re-education. However, The internal events in the camp display the inhuman and brutal treatment of the prisoners through forced labour, terror and oppression. People from all over the world visit the memorial to experience the realities of history and commemorate the victims of this time. Right on the former roll-call square, you can see the memorial that was erected in 1968 by the sculptor Nandor Glid. You can see all sides of the camp due to the numerous guided tours which can be granted for you in all languages.


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