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Driving a cab in Munich is of course subject to the taxi tariff, as in all other German cities. This taxi fare in Munich cannot simply be determined by the cab company, but is set by law in the respective districts. A fixed cab fare is therefore nothing out of the ordinary in this respect. Anyone who boards a cab in Munich and has informed himself on our site, is aware that these prices may not be exceeded or undercut.

At the beginning of the year 2021 there was a new regulation for the cab tariff in Munich. With the cab calculator Munich, these can be easily understood and calculated. This cab tariff in Munich, which determines the cab costs Munich, was decided by the city council of the city of Munich and by the city itself.

But what are the innovations? Instead of being based on a declining scale as before, a price per kilometer of €2.10 now applies. The basic fees at Taxi Munich now cost €4.10. For each hour serviced, 30€ must be paid. If pets or luggage are transported, the previous surcharge on the cab costs Munich is omitted. However, if you want to transport your bike, you will have to pay a surcharge of 7.50€ according to the new cab costs Munich.

  • Basic fee                                             – 4,10€
  • Kilometer price                                    – 2,10€
  • Waiting time hourly                             -30,00€
  • Bicycle surcharge                                 – 7,50€
  • Surcharge for the large taxi-      7,50€

Cab prices Munich and cab prices of other cities differ from each other. Namely, these are set in the corresponding counties. Thus, cab fares are set separately in each city. For example, if we assume the basic fee for cab rides in the city of Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate, it is lower. Nevertheless, cab driving there is more expensive overall than in the city of Munich. This is due to the higher price per kilometer, especially for short distances. These cab rates are generally valid for all cab companies in the respective cities. No one can go above or below them. This ensures a fair situation in the markets.

A cab calculator for Munich is not necessarily easy to find. With us you can calculate your cab Munich or use our examples as a guide. The calculation is not difficult and based on the new cab tariff in Munich quickly and easily done. You calculate a trip quite simply with the respective kilometer price (kilometer price x kilometers driven) plus the basic fee and any applicable surcharges.


Basic fee (4,10) + kilometer price (2,10) x kilometers driven = cab price


One example:

The distance to be driven is 43 km. The basic fee 4,10€ + 2,10€ x 43 kilometers = 94,40€ for the upcoming cab ride. Of course, you have to factor in any surcharges. For example, 7.50€ for the large capacity cab or for taking the bike. Of course, it is always true that the set prices may not be exceeded or undercut.

    • Cab cost Munich Ingolstadt about 149,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Tegernsee about 185,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Regensburg about 225,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Augsburg around 185,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Stuttgart about 480,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Rosenheim via freeway around 210,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Nuremberg about 320,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Wasserburg about 145,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Schwandorf about 310,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Frankfurt about 770,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Passau around 330,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Lake Constance around 550,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Kempten about 320,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Karlsruhe about 610,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Paris (France) about 1.700,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Prague (CZ) about 770,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Vienna (Austria) about 830,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Kitzbühel (Austria) about 340,-€
    • Cab costs Munich Salzburg (Austria) about 380,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Linz (Austria) about 490,- €
    • Cab costs Munich Seefeld in Tirol (Austria) about 330,- €
      • City Munich to Munich Airport between 79,- and 85,- €
      • Munich Airport to Augsburg around 185,- €
      • Munich Airport to Garmisch around 225,- €
      • City Munich to Riem, Neue Messe between 35,- and 38,- €
      • Munich Airport to the ski resort Ischgl about 445,- €
      • Munich Airport to Allianzarena between 58,- and 62,- €
      • Munich New Fair in Riem to City Munich to the main station: a fixed price of 35,- € applies here.
      • Munich New Fair Riem to the west of Munich between 42 and 47 €
      • Munich New Fair Riem to the east of Munich between 25 and 29 €


      Is your destination not in the listing? No problem, contact us and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

      Cab prices and fares from Munich airport to:

    Some examples listed for you shortly. Should you wish to travel to another destination, we are always available for questions and cost estimates. The prices are approximate. The exact fare depends on the exact start and destination dates of your planned trip. We will be happy to calculate the Taxi Munich prices for you if you provide us with the exact dates.

    A quick listing of the cheapest rides from Munich Airport to:

    • BMW (Wartungsallee 17) around 13,- €
    • Parking lot P41 around 13,- €
    • Erding around 43,- €
    • Freising (center) around 30,- €
    • Weihenstephan/Freising around 30,- €
    • Freising train station around 27,-€
    • Eching near Freising around 27 €
    • Neufahrn near Freising around 29,- €
    • Schwaig around 24,- €
    • Garching (South) around 52,- €
    • Garching North (TU) around 55,- €
    • Fröttmaning (bus station) around 59,- €
    • Marzling around 35,- €
    • Oberschleißheim around 52,- €


    For any other destination not far away, you are welcome to inquire about the cost Taxi Munich at any time, we will be happy to answer your questions.


As always, this depends on the starting point, but it should be noted that fixed prices have been set for two routes.

The prices for a trip between Munich Airport and the New Munich Trade Fair Center in Riem and back have been set as a fixed price by the City of Munich as of March 2021. 71,-€ is estimated for this route. A trip between the airport in Munich and the main station in Munich has been set at €79. Accordingly, these prices may not be exceeded or undercut. Otherwise, the Munich cab tariff applies.

If the route is set outside the city, then a fixed price for the ride to the airport can be agreed. This applies to both sides, the cab company and the passenger. If no price is fixed, the taximeter in the cab applies.

One KM driven by cab costs 2.10 €. But do not forget to include the basic fee of 4.10€ and any surcharges for the distance to be driven.

The cab fare in Munich was set by the city of Munich at the beginning of 2021 and can therefore be calculated at any time before a trip by the cab cost calculator Munich according to the tariff itself.

Depending on the current traffic situation, you will be traveling by cab for 35 minutes to an hour.

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