Tales of Munich

I will bet the tales you’ve heard of  Munich Airport Transfer have likely revolved around the annual Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk and beer festival, held in the city. Whilst I don’t doubt it’s heaps of fun, there’s so much more to experience in Bavaria’s capital beyond  Mass (1L tankards) and sausage. Munich is a city where traditional and modern sit side by side like few other places. Beer is certainly key and has been part of Munich life for at least 700 years. But did you know the cocktail game is seriously strong here too? The city boasts world-class museums and exquisite royal palaces, the legacy of 700 years of rule by a single family, the Wittelsbachs. Baroque and Rococo architecture line the streets of the old town, with several vantage points providing unrivaled views over Munich’s rooftops.

Safe and a pleasure to explore

It’s also a place full of quirks. Whether it’s a rickshaw blasting out oompah band music (check out the video below!), Surfers riding the Eisbach wave, or the outrageous Bavarian dialect, this is a city you’re not going to forget. And will long return to. Often overlooked when it comes to places to visit in Germany, I found Munich to be welcoming, exciting, safe and a pleasure to explore. It also happened to be my first time in this fantastic country – a wonderful introduction! And there’s no avoiding the fabulous local outfits. I’m not sure there’s anywhere else in central Europe where locals don their traditional costume – the famous Lederhosen and Dirndl – as readily as those from Munich. And so, here’s my distilled list of some of the most fun and unusual things to do in Munich. I was in the city for five nights and packed in a lot.

Plenty of places to visit in Munich

Some of these sights in Munich are popular for a reason; they really can’t be missed. Others are things you may not have realized were there, or possible. Plus, I’ve of course included plenty of places to visit in Munich for a good meal or fine cocktail. Then you can read on below for more insight into the best things I got up to here.

1) Stay at Munich’s first super cool hybrid hotel

2) Try a creative cocktail at a trendy hotel bar

3) Chow down on traditional Bavarian food with a contemporary twist

4) Find your zen at one of the most peaceful places to visit in Munich

5) Drop jaw over what is surely one of the most beautiful libraries in the world – if you dare!

6) When it comes to one of the most famous sights in Munich, the historic heart of the city is it

7) Marvel at the pure white interiors of one of the most striking places to visit in Munich

8) Have lunch at Neo-Brasserie Hoiz, a cool brasserie open until late